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Revision Date: 14th of September 2020

The information given by the App is captured from various sources/websites / open source websites. The content provided is for information and only general information purpose. Information is collated from various sources only, and should not be treated as a substitute to expert / medical advice of your own doctor / any other health care professional. The app developer is not responsible for the reliability, effectiveness, correct procedure, accuracy, or correct use of information you receive through the Scrolla Life Hacks app.

The content mentioned in the application may not have been evaluated by any statutory / expert/government bodies/laboratories.

The Scrolla Life Hacks App developer not responsible or liable in any way whatsoever including remedial costs or legal action resulting in bodily injury, losses, any self-diagnosis made by a user based on the content of this App. The App user is made aware that the content may change without notice and information in the app may become out of date.

The Scrolla Life Hacks App developer has taken care not to use any copyrighted material. If you feel your copyright material has been used in this app, please inform the developer. The content will be taken out after review.

The Scrolla Life Hacks app content is not meant to be offensive to any region, race, geography, country, nationality. If by mistake any content deems to do so, please let App developer know. The content will be taken out after review.

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