5 Ways to Improve Proper Pencil Grip

5 Ways to Improve Proper Pencil Grip

If a child fails to learn how to properly hold a pencil while writing, it could impact his or her future relationship with studying. Poor pencil grip causes the hand to tense and tire quickly. The poor grip may also lead to hand cramping from overuse of the muscles. This all causes unnecessary stress and frustration for the little one, as it could be avoided entirely by using simple tricks and techniques presented in this article.

What are the signs of a poor pencil grip?

If you are wondering how to tell whether your child or you are dealing with the poor pencil grip, here are the signs of a poor grip.

  • Complaining about tired hands
  • Difficulties completing the tasks
  • Lacking the confidence to practice
  • Breaking the pencil tip too frequently
  • Making holes in the paper
  • Incorrect body position and posture
  • Poor handwriting
  • Fingertips or knuckles turn distinguishably white and red while writing

5 Simple Methods to Teach and Train Proper Pencil Grip

The right grip for school-aged children is by holding the pencil with three fingers. Here are some tricks you can try out at home to encourage the right pencil grip.

Pencil Grip Method 1/5 – Rubber band

Use a rubber or elastic band. You could make a bracelet which your child could wear around the wrist. This way you can be sure that he or she is able to use it whenever this is needed.

Pencil Grip Method 2/5 – Ball

Find a small ball that would fit well into the palm of your childs hand. Let him or her hold the ball as you see in this video, while using the 3 fingers to hold the pencil in a correct way.

Pencil Grip Method 3/5 – Clothespin

If you happen to have a clothespin that is not too large for the little hands, you can attach it to the pencil and let the kid hold as you see in the video below.

Pencil Grip Method 4/5 – Sock

Find a sock. Cut holes for the thumb and index finger. And now you have the tool that would help you hold the pencil in a proper way.

Pencil Grip Method 5/5 – Short Pencil

Also another great option is to use a short pencil, that would disappear into the palm when held in a wrong way. Try the method demonstrated in a video below.

More tricks and ideas

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